SEFT VI Faculty

Richard Corbeil

richard_photo_smWith an extensive background in music performance, education, and rehabilitation, Richard has been doing considerable teaching in multidisciplinary clinics, professional training programs and private seminars internationally, contributing his unique understanding of the method in the related fields of personal development, health and the performing arts. In addition to teaching, he is the co-organizer and the Administrative Director of the Seattle Eastside Feldenkrais Teacher Training programs.

Angel Di Benedetto

angel_photo_smAngel is an internationally recognized Feldenkrais trainer originally from Manhattan, NY. She began her studies with Dr. Feldenkrais in 1980. Through the Feldenkrais Method®, her teaching focuses on developing creativity to enhance artistic expression, self-confidence, personal awareness, and one’s quality of life. While maintaining a private practice in the Seattle area, she has devoted much of her time forming new Feldenkrais Practitioners in numerous training in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Israel, New Zealand and Australia. In addition to teaching, she is the co organizer and the Educational Director of the Seattle Eastside Feldenkrais Teacher Training programs.

Paul Rubin

Paul_RubinPaul Rubin, Certified Feldenkrais Teacher and Certified Feldenkrais Trainer, founder and Executive Director of ISSE, has been lead Educational Director for nine Trainings in Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco, Australia, Switzerland, and Italy. As Chair of the North American Training Accreditation Board 1993-1997 and founding member of the Training Accreditation Boards for both Europe and Australia/South Pacific, Paul has contributed significantly to the evolution of training programs and procedures worldwide. Paul, a graduate of the 1975-77 Feldenkrais Professional Teacher Training in San Francisco, is one of only 80 people to have completed training entirely under Dr. Feldenkrais and to have received diploma from him. Additionally, Dr. Feldenkrais served as Chair of Paul’s PhD committee at the Humanistic Psychology institute 1975-1978.

Julie Casson Rubin

alan_questelJulie Casson Rubin did her training directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, receiving her diploma from him in 1977. Julie has studied dance since age 15 and received her B.A. degree in dance and physical education from San Francisco State University.

In over 30 years of practice, Julie has worked with a wide variety of clients, from professional musicians, dancers and athletes to those with chronic pain and disablity. She has been educational director of Feldenkrais Teacher Training Programs in San Francisco, Cincinnati, Chicago, Perth, Australia and Basel, Switzerland. She is co-founder of the Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education.