Vocal Integration

Improve speaking and singing by emulating the kind of movements and sounds that infants use to develop their voices!

Enhance your voice by reprogramming the neuromuscular patterns that are the building blocks of vocal functioning!

VOCAL INTEGRATION explores the movements and sounds of our childhood that formed our current vocal abilities, and utilizes them to further the natural development of our voice.

While introducing the main functional elements of vocal production, the lessons are designed to provide:

  • A healthy foundation for extensive speaking & singing.
  • A internal understanding of holistic vocal functioning.
  • Unique resources to overcome speech or breathing difficulties.
  • An extraordinary way of improving self-confidence.

Click here to listen to the introduction to the Vocal Integration CD set.

Vocal Integration CD set:

CD #1: Exploring Long Sounds             Duration: 1h19

CD #2: Articulating Short Sounds          Duration: 1h08

CD #3: Organizing Vowels                    Duration: 1h04

CD #4: Accessing Resonators              Duration: 1h09

Richard is an Early Music singer and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Trainer with an extensive background in music performance and education, as well as clinical rehabilitation. He has been doing considerable teaching in North America, Europe and Australia, contributing his unique understanding of movement, breathing and voice to the fields of personal growth, health and the performing arts. He is co-director of the Seattle Eastside Feldenkrais Teachers Training programs in the State of Washington.

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