Feldenkrais® Synergy

Inspired by the work of Dr. Feldenkrais, Feldenkrais Synergy sessions combine Functional Integration® (hands-on table work) and Awareness Through Movement® (group classes).

Feldenkrais Synergy lessons are created and taught by Richard Corbeil. They are a unique and succinct way of experiencing the Feldenkrais Method.

Feldenkrais Synergy is a process that sparks our brain into adopting healthier postural habits and action patterns. This in turn stimulates personal growth, improves our wellbeing, our health, and enhances the overall quality of our lives.

Each person is guided through touch as well as verbal instructions in order to create new movement skills, recover lost ones, or improve existing ones by experiencing a combination of FI and ATM on a Feldenkrais table.

Richard will provide both verbal guidance and hands-on input geared to each individual’s particular needs.

The lessons are designed to help participants gain ease and control in their movements, and learn and ever-growing range of possibilities for action and self-expression.

  • Feldenkrais Synergy is especially appropriate for people with pain, stress, injuries, or medical conditions that restrict movements and distort posture. 
  • Feldenkrais Synergy restores our potential for action while making us feel at our best.

Open to general public, Feldenkrais Trainees & Practitioners.

For busy schedules, sessions last approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes.

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